Daily cleaning and maintenance






SANIJET Ltd offers:


1. Daily cleaning and maintenance:
sweeping and vacuum-cleaning of the floors (soft or hard).
cleaning/washing of solid floorings-manual or by machines (depending on the area cleaned).
collection and disposal of litter/garbage.
dusting the furniture (desks, chairs, tables, and all the office equipment).
cleaning of the windows of the front gates and all the door handles.
cleaning and disinfection of toilets and sanitary premises.

- cleaning of kitchens, washing up dishes, glasses, plates

- supplying with consumer materials, watering flowers.

- service maintenance

2. Major/general cleaning:
machine washing of solid/hard floorings.
polishing of solid floorings
machine washing of soft floorings and furniture.
cleaning of windows and blinds.
general cleaning of office equipment, air conditioners, etc.

- general cleaning and disinfection of sanitary premises
general cleaning after construction works and repairs.


The volume and the regularity of the two types of cleaning (everyday and general/major), as well as the working

time, the supplying with consumer materials, etc., are negotiated in advance, in conformity with the clients special

needs and requirements.